Why CAAL now?

Asian American leaders formed CAAL in 2013 after a series of conversations about the state of the community. It was our assessment that there was not another effort that intentionally brought emerging and experienced leaders from different sectors, age groups, and various ethnic communities together. CAAL was created as a vehicle to organize us towards creating shared agendas that can be collectively advanced, as well as to be a network of support for leaders who want to use their experience, assets, and skills to ensure equity is achieved for all.


The Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) envisions a State where all Minnesotans, regardless of background, are actively engaged and can achieve prosperity.


Towards this vision, we built a network of almost 1,500 leaders whose mission is to harness our collective power to improve the lives of community by connecting, learning, and acting together.


  1. We believe our democracy thrives when all communities are visible, included and fully engaged in systemic decisions that impact their lives.
  2. We believe our diversity is our asset but unity is our power.
  3. We believe we are more powerful together, and solidarity across communities is necessary to advance social justice, and ensure every Minnesotan thrives.
  4. We believe great ideas can come from anyone, but effective leaders must be connected beyond ethnic, sector, and generational silos to fully realize their ideas for collective good.
  5. We value relationships because they are central to building power with community.
  6. While we are a vehicle for collective work, we do not speak for impacted community members. We believe our work must always lift up the voices of those most impacted.
  7. We believe we must spend time imagining the future we want and working collaboratively and strategically to change the environment so we can get there.
  8. Each leader and each community also has its own unique assets on which we should build on.


Connect with us. Learn with us. Join us. When we act together we can do more.