CAAL’s network is filled with leaders. We define leadership broadly to include anyone who wants to do any of these things: learn a specific skill, expand your knowledge of issues or communities, connect with others to share your passion and grow your social capital, or act with others to take action to achieve outcomes for greater good.

So, we design activities with those intentions. However, we also know that our most important asset is our people. That’s why CAAL intentionally focuses on how we might  support individual leaders to take on more leadership positions within institutions and systems.

We know Asian Minnesotans are young. With an average age of 29, we are one the youngest groups in the state. This means there are many young people who are just starting their careers, and they want access to people who are established in their respective fields. So, we partner to design professional networking and skills building opportunities for young and emerging leaders.

We also know that there are not enough Asian Americans in positions of influence and authority in all sectors. That’s why CAAL works to support, provide access, and when appropriate we focus on specific skills building for leaders who are interested in taking on this next leadership challenge.