CAAL focuses on continuous learning. We constantly ask: What does the data say about Asian American communities in Minnesota and in the U.S. as a whole? How does the data connect to our stories as Asian American people?

With this context, we lead our own qualitative research efforts to create respectful and responsible narratives that reflect what the community wants to share about itself and to push for better quantitative data that reflects who we are as Asian Americans.

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Coalition of Asian American Leaders’ Disaggregated Data and Paths Forward

Why is disaggregated data important to Asian Minnesotans?

Quantitative data available from institutional data systems in Minnesota often lack complexity and nuance about the 40+ cultural communities that exist under the label “Asian American.” The majority of data is collected or available only at the aggregate label “Asian” due to research limitations that we must work together to overcome. Incomplete data leads to misunderstandings about who Asian Americans are, what unique needs exist, and what community assets may be uplifted to solve community challenges. 

Data disaggregation must be conducted and supported to include accurate and good information about Asian American experiences to achieve racial equity for Asian American communities in Minnesota.

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