This is Home.

CAAL is excited to continue our tradition and launch the second year of #MinneAsianStories: This is Home. Last year, we experienced the power and magic of stories. This reaffirms that we must continue to capture and share the stories of the Asian Minnesotan community. The goals of #MinneAsianStories are to engage, educate and challenge fellow Minnesotans’ perceptions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who live, work and play in this vibrant state that is home.

There are so many ways to tell our stories and bring them to life. This time around we are partnering with many more talented artists and are excited to announce that along with a traveling art installation and web series, a selection of stories will also be featured in a graphic novel or transformed into a theater production!

We invite and encourage you to submit your story OR nominate someone who you think has an important story to share!

DEADLINE. Stories and nominations must be submitted by Friday, January 18, 2018 at midnight.

THEMES. This is Home. These are the themes we’re looking for. All submitted stories should encompass one or more of the following themes.

  • Family
  • Identity
  • Dreams & Passions
  • Global Connection & Experiences


  • If you need help submitting your story, please email or call
  • You may request for an in person interview in order to verbally or physically share the story
  • Stories are not limited to English, interpreters and translations can be arranged

WHO. Anyone and everyone who identifies as Minnesotan with Asian/Pacific Islander heritage.

(SOURCE: All research statistics are from American Community Survey, Census 2010 and Minnesota State Demographer’s Office.)

All storytellers must read, understand and agree to the terms and agreements upon
submitting their story.

Terms & Conditions

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